Our 4' and 8' Bunk Feeders are adjustable from 26" to 36" high, making it great for sheep, goats, llamas, calves, ponies, or horses.  The bunk is 11" deep to hold your feed or catch loose hay preventing waste.


4' Hay and Grain Feeder  $575.00ea.

8' Hay and Grain Feeder  $756.00ea



This is our 8' Round Bale Feeder.   $1020.00.

Shown with end opened for easy loading of hay. 

Help prevent waste and keep your hay off of the ground.

Small Bale Feeder insert (shown)         $228.00ea

Large Bale Feeder Insert also available. (bottom picture) 




8' Round Bale Feeder w/roof option  $2000.00


Large Bale Feeder Insert  (shown)  $362.25

 8' Round Bale Feeder 

 -  4' x 8'  Bale

 -  6' x 6'  Round

OPTIONS: Hay Saver,  Swing Door,  Roof,  Insert

Complete Round Bale Feeder