S&S Grids
Stall Flooring

The S&S Grid is a rectangular 15” x 20” x 1 ¾” porous grid with interlocking edges. When laid in a “bricklayer” pattern, the grids lock into place forming a permanent flooring structure.


The Grids are composed of 2 ¼”

Hexagonal cells. Each cell has 1 ½” base opening and ½” perimeter opening for both horizontal and vertical drainage. Each piece is



S&S Grids’ excellent drainage means less wet bedding for you to clean out. You will find a wet area of only 8-10” instead of 3 or 4 feet. So you will spend less time cleaning stalls! And since you will reuse a greater percentage of your bedding, you will reduce your bedding costs.


Advanced scientific aging tests show no product breakdown, so you can be assured that you will be using S&S Grids long after they have paid for themselves many times over.


S&S Grids have a proven record. They are used at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria, in the Equine Arena in Hanover, Germany, site of the International Hunter / Jumper Show, and at the Churchill Downs, Lexington, Kentucky.

S&S grids provide permanent level surfaces to run, walk, stand and lie on. The level surface is as important to your horse’s well being as a good mattress is to yours. S&S Grids are also great around water tanks, gate areas, high traffic areas, under eaves, door ways, and  parking areas. Also great for parking trailers on so your tires will last longer.

The S&S Grids are honeycomb shaped matting products. When assembled on your stall floor and filled with clean stone, the system creates a porous foundation to support your bedding material. The S&S Grids system helps promote surface drainage and resist the horse's pawing action. 

S&S Grids stall flooring is a cost effective, easy to install permanent stall floor. It works wonderfully with all stall floors and is an excellent solution for stall floor problems in existing barns.